Could-increased-levels-of toxicity-within-the-gut-be-linked-to-how-chronic-dis-ease-may-develop-(especially-during-shock)..

Could unaturally high immune response towards against chemicals synthetics, actually create high level toxicity within the (gut)..

Yes Poor recovery from (traumatic experience) or a (traumatic event) maybe caused due to how certain individuals, may unknowingly have unaturally high level toxicity, within their (gut)..

Unaturally high levels of toxicity within the (gut) may systematically then directly increase toxicity within the (brain) during (traumatic events)..

Unatural toxicity, inwhich i believe maybe due to chemical synthetic immune system intolerance, inwhich i believe may disrupt (damage) or directly cause (gut bowl malfunction)..

Unatural toxicity within the (gut bowl) may increase or create unatural (Toxicity levels to (rise) and actually cause (toxic shock) within our brain) which may directly be responsible for negatively changing how well our bodies are then able to recover from (trauma)..

Unusually high toxicity, within the (gut) at the time of (shock) doesn’t just cause mental health (conditions)..

Unatural high toxicity within the (gut) may prop up existing condition like (ptsd-anxiety-depression)..

Unaturally high level toxicity within the (gut) may negatively twist or (create) unnatural fuel, this unnatural (toxicity) within the fuel inwhich fuels our bodies, may also directly be responsible for what props up (autoimmune dis-ease)..

This is why i believe it is so essential, to (eliviate) unatural compounds all together.. (whilst trying to recover)..

Eliviatin unatural compounds, i believe naturally helps reduce unatural toxicity and may natural help aid (create) natural sustainable healthier (nutrition nutrients) inwhich i believe naturally helps.. (aid-or-repair-chonic-conditions)Shock is triggered within the body while we suffer a traumatic experience or whilst we suffer from a traumatic event, (shock) is kinda stealth but is also apparent)..

(toxicity is stealth)I believe we blame most conditions like (ptsd-anxiety-depression) on the more obvious reason rather than the less apparent (stealth) reason..

What if we’ve become focused (fixated) much to much on the actual aftermath of a traumatic event, imagine if unaturally high toxicity levels were kinda causing unatural unsustainable level of toxicity, within the (gut) in which may then kinda cause our bodies (vital organs) and our (brain) to sustain irreversible unsustainable (×10 shock) i believe high level toxicity may create a kinda (super shock) rather than a more natural sustainable (shock)..

This may possibly help answer some unanswered questions and may help explain, as to why certain individual’s may naturally recover better, than other’s when dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event..

Traumatic experience may force change or negatively (suppress disrupt) and cause irreversible (damage) within our (brain)..

I believe we can help (change) reverse unatural (toxicity levels) by simple learning ourselves how to reduce chemical synthetic (immune intolerance)..

We may either have unaturally (high toxicity level) which is generated within the (gut) or we kinda have a (natural neutral) toxicity level which is within the (gut)..

High levels of toxicity, i believe may lengthen the time scale, inwhich it can take our bodies to naturally recover..

Natural products dont soothe the help you sustain your natural stability again from within yourself..

Natural products dont cure, natural products simply help (change) (prevent) any further unatural immune intolerance from further damaging our (gut) inwhich i believe may slow down progression and also help replenish the negative fuel inwhich fuels our bodies vital organs from within, inwhich i believe may help (steady the ship) and help create a healthier (mind-body and also naturally help soothe replenish our soul’s..

21 thoughts on “Could-increased-levels-of toxicity-within-the-gut-be-linked-to-how-chronic-dis-ease-may-develop-(especially-during-shock)..

  1. wow thank you for sharing this. I love reading different views about health other than the usual medical process that are thought in our school. 🙂 You did good again my friend. 🙂 New learning for me.

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  2. Craig, You’ve found out what makes you tick !
    Throughout your struggles since schooldays you’ve actually discovered through analysis and elimination to discover ‘you’
    Sharing your positivities and methods are enlighting.
    Your blog is so different to any other I’ve read and is growing with suggestions, it’s captivating.
    I’m certain you are helping others and making them think differently.
    Especially with chemicals effecting our immunity.
    Another fantastic read.
    Very well done.. again

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  3. Can I just say what a relief to find someone that really knows
    what they’re talking about over the internet.
    You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
    A lot more people must look at this and understand
    this side of your story. I was surprised you aren’t more
    popular given that you surely have the gift.

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    1. It’s a pleasure, i believe to find an underlying cause to a health condition..

      The individual concerned, may have to simply dig deep enough to find a solution within his or herself, like i have and somehow learn how to put his or her condition actually in reverse.. 😉👍🙏💙

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  4. Pretty section of content. I just stumbled upon your weblog and
    in accession capital to assert that I get actually enjoyed account your blog posts.
    Anyway I’ll be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you
    access consistently fast.

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