Subconscious-and-the-conscious-mind..We blame the (world) around us for (stress or strain) but really, we are the ones, who are really struggling and who are losing touch with our sense of reality from within..

The subconscious mind may need to relie on the conscious mind..

A little alike a helicopter copter, inwhich relies on two engine mechanisms, these two engine mechanisms allow the helicopter to have purpose, coordination and direction..

I believe that all our brain’s sensory tools, (eye’s) (ear’s) (nose) and also the emotional side of who we are, may all be connected symomtamously, as one within the frontal lobe, inwhich may help create the conscious mind..

I believe the conscious mind, maybe logically set to (default) or programmed, set in stone, to create logic..

If say for instance something obstructs the tail rotor engine mechanism or this rotor happens to faulter, the main engine may kinda loose its natural (stability) (balance) and also it’s sense of (direction)..

This may help explain, when chemical synthetic immune system intolerance (grows) (gut bowl malfunction) toxicity increases, then unnatural toxicity within the (gut bowl) may systematically dull down and negatively interfere with to how well our frontal lobe can naturally operate..

Unnatural toxicity within the (gut) may cause a kinda mental block, inwhich may directly cause negative change, with how well our frontal lobe can naturally process clear precise information (thought) a healthy (frontal lobe) i believe may also be responsible for how well our brain can transfer clear information from experience back and forth within the subconscious mind (judgment) to which we create memories..

The (frontal lobe) maybe a little alike a human computer, the conscious mind could be responsible for delving into how we actually gather thought and may also be responsible for the mechanism to how we actually gather memory from within the subconscious mind..

I believe the gut brain axis is one, the (gut) may directly be connected up within the frontal lobe, to create (emotions)..

When our bodies naturally have fight or flight.. (if we feel in danger)..

Fight or flight May cause serious consequences, i believe if (gut bowl malfunction increases in toxicity) this may directly result or cause irreversible toxic shock, inwhich may damage, how well the (frontal lobe) can then naturally function..

Inwhich maybe a little alike blowing a circuit by putting 415 volts through a 240 volt circuit, inwhich over time may cause a kinda brain disorder inwhich may dull down an individual’s processing ability and could be a possibly link to (dementia).. (i think so)..

Our immune system may cause unnatural (gut) function, unnatural (gut) function may cause unnaturally toxicity to build within the (gut bowl) unnatural toxicity may then dull down true emotion and cause toxicity to run through from the (gut) directly to within the frontal lobe.. (dumbs down brain function)

(the gut brain axis is one)..

I believe, the frontal lobe can only process to the best of it’s ability, when the brain has no hidden tension, hidden tension may directly interfere with how well other sensory tools can actually process provide clear precise information..

I believe unnecessary strain stress within the frontal lobe may also cause short term memory loss or (brain fog)..

Anxiety i believe is when (gut bowl malfunction) (toxicity) is constantly plaguing or distorting the conscious mind inwhich may then directly cause change or effect, how well the conscious mind can naturally operate.. (let go of thoughts)

Gut malfunction may directly cause tension within the frontol lobe, tension within the frontal lobe may directly be responsible for sensory delay within the (frontal lobe) ,(unnatural tension) may also cause serious damage, inwhich may dumb down the brain’s ability or change the way that our frontal lobe can naturally process and delve into our sub memories inwhich i believe we naturally store within the subconscious mind..

7 thoughts on “Subconscious-and-the-conscious-mind..We blame the (world) around us for (stress or strain) but really, we are the ones, who are really struggling and who are losing touch with our sense of reality from within..

  1. I absolutely get this! Thanks for explaining this so well. I’ve been having hypnotherapy and the first thing that has improved is my stomach/bowel issues by reprogramming the subconscious mind. I’m just hoping it will stay this way and continue to improve my other issues.

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    1. Thanks mate..
      Im willing to try some kind of self program, if you willing, by lowering your immune system intolerance, you may be able to reverse and create natural gut health.. inwhich will help free the mind the body and the soul from stress tension..

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      1. Negative emotion, inwhich maybe transferred from the (gut) through to within our (frontal lobe) of our brain may unnatural set a negative tone..

        Within ourselves, inwhich may then cause negative change within the conscious (mind) a negative tone inwhich over power’s, your natural logic (dulls you down) and may directly throw or cause change with other sensory delay..

        We blame the (world) around us for (stress or strain) but really we are the ones, who are actually struggling from within..


  2. Well, subconscious mind is the part that knows everything and access to it is lost very frequently due to dominance of conscious mind that tries to impose all kinds of things on the person as such.
    Our body is not only brain and gut, it is interaction of extremely many tiny and large regulating and adapting systems.
    We cannot avoid some level of toxic exposure nowadays because that’s what we have done: polluted everything and with only profits in mind the food, water and air have become also very toxic. This manifests as numerous diseases which originate due to inability of our body to recognize and process such toxic substances. That involves the entire supplement industry.
    I would read more, it is just so that either my computer does not display it right or something, but I can hardly see any text on the black background. I find it always difficult to read when white text is on black background and it hurts my eyes, too, but this time the text kind of disappears. Other than that, I would definitely read way more of your posts!

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