(Could-it-be-possible) to-naturally-turn around-our-bodies own-Natural-resource and-help-ourselves-prevent-or-slow-down-hereditary dis-ease


I believe chemical synthetic, immune intolerance can lead to stress within the (gut)

Immune system stress within the (gut) can lead to (gut malfunction) (Gut malfunction) also paves the way and may well be responsible for poor negative emotions and also hidden tension within the body, negative (strain) (stress) within the brain..

I believe it may be a good idea to try and solve as to why certain vital organs become under active or over active..

Instead of creating, unnatural synthetic reuptake, inwhich i believe simply has no way of naturally balancing  the correct weighing out process to naturally cator for our bodies needs..

What if we could naturally spark our bodies own natural resources back into life..

Which inturn could also naturally take away our negative (strain)..

If we keep ignoring as to why, our bodies own vital organ poorly perform and we keep trying to quick (fix) the problem, we may slowly be allowing certain vital organs to slowly slip away and fail altogether..

I believe we maybe able to solve (fix) or naturally pull around our existing vital organs, inwhich may then result, in us been able to naturally balance our bodies natural (reuptake) inwhich could create or reverse natural stability from within, to enable our bodies vital organs to naturally cater for the bodies needs..

What if unnatural food or drinks we’re designed for healthy (guts)..

(gut malfunction) may cause unnatural food or drinks to kinda exel a secondary malfunction, inwhich i believe may further disrupt the already existing (gut bowl) malfunction and possibly cause extra negative fuel to (turbo) fuel the already existing fuel inwhich fuels (sclerosis and fibromyalgia)..

Inwhich may then directly cause aggressiveness with symptoms to wax and wane and create a possible link..

For to how or why, (genetically hereditary dis-ease) may develop..

12 thoughts on “(Could-it-be-possible) to-naturally-turn around-our-bodies own-Natural-resource and-help-ourselves-prevent-or-slow-down-hereditary dis-ease

    1. I believe doctors are a well educated bunch..

      Mental health is a bridge to far, for there cleverness..

      Mental health is a puzzle, that i believe has not been written..

      The means to how we can start unlocking this puzzle, may start within the (gut)..

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  1. Having read this I thought it was really enlightening. I appreciate you spending
    some time and effort to put this information together. I once again find myself
    spending way too much time both reading and leaving comments.
    But so what, it was still worth it!

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