My recovery-from-ptsd-explained..

In (1996) At the age of 20 years old..
I was prescribe co (proxamol pain) killers, for damage that i had sustained to my ankle, these (co proxamol) pain killers were actually taken away in (1996) this same year and taken off the prescribe market, due to fear, (co proximol) pain killer’s were highly toxic..

I did not take (co proxamal) together with ecstasy table, (co proxamal) was already in my system..

These (co proxamol) pain killer’s, may have already been reaping havoc, within my body, on the night in which i had taken the ecstasy tablet..

The night in which i had taken the ecstasy tablet, i was taken away in an ambulance, inwhich i Nearly (died) the nxt day i was discharged from hospital, a little shaky and still not my true self..

Two weeks later, i (relapsed) i had my first major (panic attack) i was alone, in a hotel lobby in london..

I was actually taken away in another ambulance and later discharged..

Little did i no that, this night would unknowingly stay with me forever..

Four year’s on i was still actually suffering from (ptsd) and with the usual panic attacks, inwhich were a total out of body experience..

My guts were getting more and more bunged up and also attached were low moods inwhich i could not actually rise from and then something happened..

This something was (sun sweet prune juice) i drank about half a bottle inwhich totally emptied me a little alike what we may more commonly no as a colon cleanse..

This actually helped me reduce the negative shift pattern in which i had previously had no control..

At this point i found i had understood i may have found a tool, in which i could later use inorder to help myself reduce my negative suffering, inwhich i also now believe helped me reduce my bodies (toxicity level) toxic build up..

I used volume of (sun sweet prune juice) to over power what i now believe to be, a seriously aggressive immune system intolerance toward against chemicals synthetics (my body will never come back from how my immune system now reacts towards against nasty chemicals or synthetics..

I’ve somehow been able to tune into my bodies adversity and learn myself, that when i reduce my nasty chemical synthetic overload, the volume or the amount of (sunaweet prune juice) in which i then use, has symomtamously also been reduced and now penetrates my gut to releave release my immune system gut bowl toxicity, so much better than before..

In which once forced my body to be intoxicated, i am now more functionally better in control of myself and positively better in control of how well i can now deal with the outside world..

I no longer suffer (panic attacks) nor have i suffered any further episodes of (ptsd)

I keep a bottle of (sun sweet prune juice) by my side (its my medication) and i believe (sun sweet prune juice( always will be..

12 thoughts on “My recovery-from-ptsd-explained..

  1. A few things I am using that have helped me tremendously is a product from Anovite called colostrum. I also take prodovite. This is a liquid vegan vitamin. Please email me if you would like some information. You have no idea how helpful it’s been for me personally. I can totally relate to panic attacks, PTSD and autoimmune disease. Also the havoc that can be caused to our gut from medicine. I have an autoimmune disease. My email is

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    1. Thank you..
      From such an early age..
      Ive seen so so much, in the way of my life..
      I still have what drive’s my condition, i get ever reminded, each and everyday..
      If and when i take what i have learned, for granted..
      Thanks for support..


  2. Interesting article Sir, I am going to reblog this one for you. I think that it will interest quite a few folks. Hopefully the reblog will also get you a few more readers looking at your material. I hope you have a great week, stay safe, G-d bless.

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