Clipped wings

Growing up as a kid..
I believe my immune system response may have been genetically and hereditary programmed from birth set in stone..

Yes my immune system response may well have been genetically and hereditary programmed from birth, set in stone this is our bodies inner defence mechanism we are talking about here, in which the human body naturally uses automatically towards fighting against invading dis-ease or infections..

My immune system may have always been slightly more sensitive to intolerance towards nasty chemicals or synthetics, all my life..

I believe my gut the (my second brain) may have become considerably bogged down due to unnecessary immune system response (strain) towards against chemicals synthetics..

Could the fight that ive been fighting from such an early age, been prevented.. (i think so)

My immune intolerance to response to nasty chemicals or synthetics, may have resulted in my immune system slowly negatively interfering with to how well my gut could naturally support healthy sustainable fuel energy towards supporting my mind my body and my soul..

Immune system agression towards what your immune system does not deam safe, i believe simply prevents the gut supporting the bodies vital organs with good enough nutrition nutrients to naturally support the bodies vital organs, enough to stay fit and healthy..

Something was kinda negatively over powering me and was getting in the way, this something was kinda dumbing me down functionally and emotionally..

This something was kinda stealth in which caused stress, aggression, low moods (rage) and also tension within the (brain) this tension within the (brain) i believe also interferes directly with motivation and then behaviour..

Negative moods (emotions) inwhich already exist within you, in which you find yourself struggling to control on a day to day basis..

I believe these negative mood emotions are realy a negative strain inwhich overpowers and dull down your natural true emotions..

Negative moods (emotions) can also interfere with the amount of strain in which exists within you, which i believe can directly interfere with as to how much effort you feel like it will take from within yourself (motivation strain) in which may change how well we able to turn emotion thought into physicall motion without need to feel forced..

These mood stages simply got in the way, to the direction how this young kid could actually move himself forward..

A hidden mood disorder in which only i could feel, a hidden mood disorder in which made less hostile environment feel hostile..

We feel the world through our bodies..

Immune response is from within the gut..

I believe synthetic immune intolerance directly causes immune system gut bowl malfunction inwhich results in intoxication within the gut and also the bowl, in which i believe then floods the body with negativity..

By understanding what first drives vulnerability in how well young kids can spread there wings and by learning more about these stages early enough..

Before these stages take grip, i believe we could learn how to intervene and create the right strategy, before the future of certain individual’s are destroyed forever..

I believe we could create and learn ourselves how to (reverse) a behavioural condition, in which i believe kids are unknowingly left to deal with, these kids have little to no choice other than to fight a fight of self control within themselves day in day out..

Let’s come together and give these kids a choice, in which may naturally ease there pain..

I believe Kids who struggle with development (issue’s) problems, maybe somewhat kinda having a harder ride throughout there lifes events..

This could be because of a condition that exists within certain kids, in which i believe is so so miss understood..

Kids need a better resolve, in which could help change the direction and ease the pain, in which may already exist from within these kids, i believe with the right intervention we could help change, as to how hostile the environment actually feels from within these kids..

13 thoughts on “Clipped wings

    1. The force from above, who govern our country’s, maybe quite clever intellectually..

      I believe these individual’s may have simply overlooked, how chemical or synthetics can simply destroy so so many lives, which can take away how well certain individual’s are able to connect themselves with reality..

      (destructive personality) disorders..

      (Due to poor governing bodies, poorly researching the pro’s and con’s of cutting corners by way of using nasty chemicals or synthetics..


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