Closing-the-gap-between-disfunctional and-functional

Closing the gap between dysfunctional and functional could be a major player..
I believe this could be possible..

I also believe we in need of change, we need believe and we need a better understanding, in order so we can get the right support, we may need to rally around and unite..

because right now the support we receive at the bottom of the pack is from the major players at the top of the pack and correct me if im wrong, but are these major players at the top, just guessing at whats wrong at the bottom of the pack.. when it comes to dysfunctional disorders, mood disorders and chonic disease..

There has been a total disregard towards the use chemicals synthetics, cutting corners by way of using chemicals or synthetics ,has simply had damming effects within our bodies, i believe the consequences to having a total disregard to chemicals synthetics has for sometime now caused an epidemic..

Immune system intolerance may vary from person to person..

I believe we can learn so much from intolerance..This intolerance could be something to nothing or a more serious combination overload and depending on which one you are..

This in time could make the difference between if you are in good health or if you are in need of help..

So what if chemical sythetic immune intolerance was simple enough to shut down your gut and stop your gut from naturally supporting you..

the more intolerant you are to what the major players at the top deam safe.. could be paving the way to a gut malfunction that simply is not sufficient enough over time to support your mind your body and your soul with good enough nutrition..

Gut malfunction could be causing negative fuel that is distributed within our bodies inwhich i believe, may also be fuelling and slowly destroying and dividing families..

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