From-ptsd-to-something stressless-well-being

Hello there..
I would like to share the tools inwhich i now use to combat my mental health..

My mental health can wax and wane due to the complexity of a condition inwhich i believe exists within what we more commonly no as the immune system..

I now believe I have actually learned myself to better understand the knowledge i need in order to control my mood and behaviour condition rather than my mood behaviour condition controlling me..

once over my mood and behaviour problems were so overwhelming and more in controll of me and the negative tone that was thrashing throughout my body almost caused me to feel as though the world fell away from me..

I now believe i have learned myself to better understand away around a condition inwhich once forced me to cope with more negative emotions rather than true emotions..

This may sound or look a little crazy to some..

Because of the modern world inwhich we live in today..

But bare this in mind..

Chemicals and synthetics are used far far to much to often in the modern world..

I now believe that what could be fuelling our negative emotions could be as simple as to how well equipped our immune systems can actually tolerate certain nasty synthetics and chemicals..

On a day to day basis year in year out..
Chemical synthetic variation overload is far more dangerous or damming for some as the are for others and could be responsible for poor mood and to why our negative imotions already exist..

I believe that the strengh inwhich our immune system responds and the amount you are intolerant to certain chemicals synthetics..

Is what in the end is responsible
Or is to blame for what paves the way to how vulnerable you feel from within yourself as an individual..

Like i said this may look or sound a little crazy..

But lets imagine the less intolerance you are to chemicals synthetics on a day to day basis..

The better your gut can then support your mind your body and your soul..

The one thing that can get in the way to how well your gut supports you is your immune system..

If you have a Chemical synthetic intolerance you are simply more likely to be carrying a synthetic chemical disease..

So how do you overcome a synthetic chemical disease..

Simply reduce your synthetic chemical overload at the start of your day for 12 hours maybe 24 hours..

So that to give your gut good enough time to replenish you from within you.. by reducing synthetic chemical disease you also reduced progressive symptoms like stress tension anxiety and behaviour issue’s the start to faid..

You feel the real you coming through again..

Maintain Dont reintroduced any chemicals synthetics because you are carrying a synthetic chemical disease that can be easily triggered..

Fluoride is a by product of aluminium and amongst other nasty chemicals my mental health is worth more to me than bright white teeth..

The key three things i do is..
I brush my teeth with salt mouthwash inwhich i make myself by adding salt to water..

I use one shower gel inwhich i wash all my body inc hair inwhich i buy from (Lidl) i only use the lime..

I dont use deodorants again deodorants contain aluminium..

You can use salt base natural stick..
I also use sun sweet prune juice inwhich helps relieve nasty trapped gasses and also helps relieve toxic build up..

(Please try this for yourself for a week)

A no you will be limited from using your usual products..

But ultimately this is all for the good of you and will help you eliminate nastys synthetic chemicals inwhich could be getting in the way to how well you live through and experience your lifes events..
Please reduce sugar..
Dont drink fizzy or artificial juice drinks stick to fresh orange etc milk water..
Most Cereals contain gluten wheat so best cut these out..
Cut out already boxed meals processed.. Try to eat fresh meat fresh veg Rather than tinned…
Only use helmans or Heinz mayo or sauce these are a little more natural..
Coffee i use red kenco not the blue as blue doesn’t agree with me..
Home made food is the way forward..
I try not to eat to much bread but i try to use fresh buns over sliced bread..
Sliced bread has even got mould repellent in it these days (madness)

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