Dysfunctional-disorders may-start within the (gut)

Our brain could be connectected through the spinal cord to within the gut, i believe the gut may also be the tale end of the brain..

The gut could be responsible for as to how we feel emotion and to how our emotions exist..

The gut could also be responsible for stability, with how we regulate true emotion and to how we control our nerves, emotionally throughout our life events..

What if the gut was connected through the spinal cord, to within the frontal lobe of our brain..

Yes, what if the gut was connected within the frontal lobe, In the same way in which other sensory tools we’re attached, our eye’s our ears and our nose, may all be connected up within our frontal lobe..

I also believe, the gut and brain axis is one..

Our emotions may exist within the gut, emotions within our gut and our eyes our ears and our nose, could all be connected up within the brain, at the frontal lobe of the brain as one, to complete our sensory processing..

Besides emotion, what if our gut was also the mechanism or the brain responsible for control, to how the immune systems actually responded..

I believe chemical synthetic immune intolerance, resistance strengh may vary from person to person..

Immune system intolerance, towards chemicals synthetics may disrupt our natural gut function, long enough to directly interfere with our emotional side, could our immune systems actually be responsible for changing the gut, enough so certain individuals are therefore not allowed to regulate there true natural emotions (i think so)..

I believe immune system response causes a reaction from within the gut, to almost anything in which the human body does not deam safe..

Paralysis within the gut could be a sign to how immune systems show the are at breaking point, when the immune system deals with negative strain intolerance towards chemicals synthetics..

Immune system gut bowl malfunction strain maybe a little alike someone grabbing or squeezing, your true emotions and replacing your true emotions with less positive emotions..

Mood disorder individuals maybe forced unknowingly to cope with more negative emotions, all because there second brain maybe bogged down..

Synthetic chemical variation overload may disrupt or change how well, certain individual’s gut may naturally function..

I honestly believe that certain individuals like myself..
Who cannot tolerate chemicals synthetics..

End up with what i believe to be a synthetic illness within the gut..

Synthetic illness doesn’t just disrupt how well the gut can naturally support the body..

Synthetic immune (intolerance) or (strain) within the gut may also directly leave behind or cause unnecessary strain (tension) within our frontal lobe ..

Inwhich i believe may then directly result in how certain individual’s are left to cope with or feel stress an tension, (inwhich already exists) i believe this stress and tension (inwhich already exists) can directly leave you feeling negatively feeling withdrawn..

I believe this stress and tension inwhich already exists within the frontal lobe..

May simply get in the way to how well a mood disorder sufferer can therefore deal with his or her life’s events..

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