A world apart

I believe i may have better understood a way around, as to why certain individuals like myself, may struggle to cope with negative strife, in which only exists within them throughout certain individual’s live’s..

I may have helped understood, the human immune system struggles to cope and tolerate, certain chemical synthetic intolerance, as well as wants once thought, chemical synthetic variation overload is simply far more damming for some, as it is for other individuals..

The strengh in which the human immune system actually responds towards against nastys or to the strengh to how our immune system do not deam certain chemicals synthetics safe..

May hold the main key to how we learn to help tone down control, why certain individual’s struggle with overwhelming negative emotions..

The tone and amount of negative emotions in which actually already exists within you..

Is what i believe may pave the way to a fight against how well you control yourself within yourself..

Negative emotions get in the way, negative emotions overwhelm your true natural emotions, the take over your life..

It takes far to much effort to try to fit in with negative emotions..

Negative emotions simply are not natural, because the are suppressed..

Negative emotions simply are way to far gone, to powerful and overwhelming, for individual’s to naturally have to cope with on a everyday, day to day basis..

Negative emotion is responsible for how individual’s uncomfortably connect with the outside world..

I believe, a hidden underlying immune condition, a synthetic illness maybe formed within the gut..

A cute stealth condition in which, i believe simply obstructs, gets in the way with as to how well the gut naturally supports the mind the body and our soul’s..

I believe if the immune system suffers from nasty resistance..

What seams to be occurring here is the immune system directly interferes with natural gut function and any high resistance towards nastys directly seams to course the gut paralysis in which i believe simply forces the gut to produce aggressive acid..

Aggressive acid within the gut on a day-to-day basis, month in month out, year in year out..

Doesn’t just change how well the food we eat is broken down..

I believe aggressive acid, may also potentially course processed food and drinks be more dangerous..

Because the gut also produces nasty trapped gasses inwhich become lodge within the digestive tract, in which may also then weep through into our bodies circulatory system..

I believe the immune system could also be responsible for damaging our gut microbioter..

Immune system, gut bowl malfunction, paralysis may simply cause unatural environment for good gut bacteria to thrive..

The impact that certain Chemical and synthetics has on the human body, needs better understood, because one size does not fit all..

There is a heart to every response, the heart to the immune system’s response may actually be within the gut..

Gut health is responsible for our well-being..

Gut health is essential so that we maintain, comfortable, satisfactory life..

We cannot see how the immune system interferes clear enough, to better understand, just how chemical synthetic immune resistance directly disrupt as to how the gut unaturally supports the mind the body and our soul’s..

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