Are you living in a world of your own..

If you have a negative feed from the gut to the brain long enough, this can cause distortions in brain patterns, the brain behind how our imune system responds is from within the gut itself..

Autoimmune is a combination overload of various nasty chemicals, inwhich over time, i believe causes inflammatory issue’s to spread from within the gut, to within the rest of the bodies vital organs..

Inwhich the individual’s immune system no longer deems certain chemicals synthetics as safe and certain individuals may become very aggressive towards them..

I believe nasty chemical synthetic immune intolerance, could be responsible for as to why the human body becomes under powered or to how the human body could end up with chronic disease because the gut shuts off the bodys natural supply long enough to interfered and cause ailments such as mine..

Reduce all of which a strong imune system does not deem safe and then the gut seems to be allowed to reform and replenish (help heal)..

I also believe this could help so so many individual’s better understand a way around as to how certain individual’s can turn, poor emotions on there head and help learn to understand a tool, the can use to help themselves takeaway the strife inwhich so so many individual’s have to live through, before the even connect with the outside world..

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