Does our brain, use our bodies as a actual measuring stick..

Does the brain use the whole body as a measuring stick, could this mean that our brain, actually uses the body as part of how our brain manages and measures itself, during when our brain, is using it’s inturnal judgement..

Most of the brain’s sensory tools are inches away from the actual brain itself, but i believe these sensory tools may only perceive how well we see the world around us, the dont directly influence or change how comfortably well we feel our body naturally feels, in which is a game changer and what changes how well our bodies actual perform and is detrimental to how well our bodies actually fit in with the world around us..

This may strengthen, how the gut brain axis could be one and the emotional side of who we are, directly comes deep down from within the gut, the bottom end of the brain..

This may also explain how o-c-d develops, when the gut bowl malfunction, directly over power’s and overrides natural brain function in which directly causes other sensory delay..

I believe, our brain can only manage mood and emotion, as well as the health in which creates our mood and emotion and i believe mood, emotions actually derive from within the gut..

Emotion may kinda branch out through the body throughout the vascular skeleton and if our vascular skeletons suffer, this directly can compress, interfere and force gut bowl malfuction, in which directly lowers mood and creates negative emotions..

Negative emotions, in which directly influence and change as to how well our brain can manage during when our body suffers elevated unatural negative emotional feelings, in which already exist and overide our true emotion..

Negative emotions, which directly interfere and create strain with how well our brain can cope and manage in which create social awkwardness, in which directly increase the level-of anxiety, which naturally exists, during when we live through our lifes event’s..

Could it be possible to actually learn how we preserve, protect and slow down the body clock..

I believe what may actually speed up the bodies clock and stall the lengh of time, in which it can take our body time to recover..

Is the actual amount of pressure strain in which develops, in which pushes down through the vascular skeleton, in which directly creates gut paralysis, a disfunctional strain which develops deep down beneath the mechanisms beneath the mechanics within how well our gut can naturally function = gut bowl malfunction..

Gut bowl malfunction is actually caused when the amount of force strain in which pushes down through our vascular skeleton exceeds the bodies vascular skeleton chemical synthetic safe load..

When our bodies chemical synthetic load force actually breeches the safe amount in which our body is comfortable with, this is the amount of chemical synthetic strain, in which our bodies vascular skeleton can comfortably manage before our chemical synthetic load, becomes problematic, this could well be the point when our vascular skeleton shouts, enough is enough..

Our chemical synthetic load strain force can unaturally over power, push down and suppress, how well our gut can naturally function..

This is a natural reaction to how intolerant our bodies vascular skeleton, reacts towards against it’s chemical synthetic load..

In which could be responsible for suppression that is forced down through the vascular skeleton, in which spasms, compresses and changes how well our gut bowl, can naturally function during, it’s digestive process..

Could processed food and drink, be designed for healthy digestive system’s, if this is the case, individual’s who may have an already existing gut bowl malfunction..

May struggle to manage and digest, processed food and drink, as well and as good as individual’s who don’t suffer from increased sensitivity towards against, chemical synthetic vascular compression..

Little to no chemical synthetic vascular resistance = healthy vascular load = no gut bowl malfunction = slightly less risk against how intolerant our gut naturally is towards against processed food and drink..