Do damaged neurons slow down the speed to which the human bodies neurological system now responds..

Do vascular vessels becomes tense due to increase in strength of gut acidity..

Do vascular vessels ligaments now possibly rupture and is the salt already within the womb..

Do we as individual’s possibly now become embittered when we actually struggle to manage poor functional wealth..

When individual’s are embittered do these individual’s believe certain people don’t care..

But is this so far away from the truth..

Is this possible reason for nostalgia how mind recollects the times..

Before the bodies self decline started forming..

In which we as individual’s now go with the flow with..

Could neuralgia develop when the guts unnatural activity damages guts neurons..

In which paves the way to why actual neurological damage forms..

Is the neurological condition which creeps in responsible for nostalgia recollections of what once was..

Because the speed in which the human body now has it’s own decline..

In which is simply an unnatural aging process..

Are people responsible for how certain individual’s actually over react..

Or do certain individual’s self control..

Their bodies hidden distress from within themselves which develops within the gut itself..

Does gut degeneration actually force it’s own body to create it’s underlying struggle..


In which now increases likelihood to how sensitive an individual you are..

Which is possibly why people can add to another individual’s struggle..

Is there hidden disruption in which is now involved with what is responsible..

For why certain individual’s over react..

Could the mogarity of individual’s who struggle..

Struggle when the have to self control contain their bodies actual unnatural suppression..


By disturbing the individual’s neurological system..

We possibly indirectly interfere with the mind and the nervous system..

If we apply unnatural substance too body within body gut systematically creates unnatural activity..

Which individual’s have to manage before the manage people..

Unnatural substance eventually provokes gut then unnatural gut activity provokes vascular system..

Is this because once we put our gut on it’s back foot..

Guts unnatural activity increases but can we also increase the strength of gut acidity..

Which may contract the vascular vessels can vascular vessels actually tighten up around the bones of certain individual’s..

Which possibly is why possible ruptures occur around the inner bodies vascular system..

Can increase in gut acidity contract vascular..

In which may now cause the vascular vessels to now easily rupture..

Which could be responsible for why certain individual’s already struggle..

Before the manage around other people..

If we damage gut do we now increase the guts acidity..

In which now damages the vascular system and possibly nervous system..

Because chemicals are now responsible for possibly indirectly overlooding gut neurons..

Which could also be why certain individual’s possibly become trapped within a body which is broken..


Do certain individual’s now own unnecessary disruption to human function unknowingly..

In which indirectly causes the mind to go out of sinc with the body..

In which then applies unnecessary pressure to within the individual..

Which changes how the individual can manage around other people..

The reason why individual’s struggle especially around other people..

Could possibly be because we don’t fully understand unnatural activity..

Unnatural activity suppresses the individual but if we learn how we alleviate guts unnatural activity..

We possibly can bind the relationship we have within ourselves back together..

Is guts unnatural activity now actually responsible for damaging neurological pathways..

From gut through to mind by actually disturbing neurological pathways..

Which possibly applies enough pressure to destroy neurological pathways..

In which simply disturbs how the individual can naturally function without disruption to function..

Disruption to human function when we can fully understand it is like..

The individual self controls..

Each and every situation..

With constant confusion and poor motor movement..

But is mind’s actual confusion the actual byproduct of our gut suppression..

In which suppresses human body in which indirectly suppresses human function..

When guts unnatural activity forces mind out of sinc with it’s body..

Is this because neurons become damage..

Which is possibly alike a phone with a damaged signal..

If we damage the neurological pathways which mind relies on to take control through it’s body..

Do damaged neurons slow down the speed to which the human bodies neurological system now responds..

Gut to brain..

Which inturn slows down speed to which the mind reacts and then controls amount of effort taken to control..

The rest of human body..

Do we push the mind to actually switch itself off..

When the gut actually becomes too much for mind to actually manage..

In which simply now in increases the amount of effort actually taken to now create motor body movement..

In which now increases the likelihood to why individual’s misbehave..

If we damage the gut we simply damage the communication system in which mind relies on to communicate..

Limit unnatural and we alleviate the friction which damages the gut in which indirectly damages mind..

If we damage the gut we simply damage the communication system in which mind relies on to communicate..

Through out it’s human body..

Which interferes with how smooth body now interacts with mind..

Damaged phone line is responsible for disturbing the communication between two people..

So next time you get caught up in a actual phone conversation and line goes down during conversation..

We now will lose touch with the other end of the actual conversation..

in which we we’re actually interacting with..

Which is possibly very similar to the response the mind has as unnatural activity creates actual activity..

Which is responsible for actually damaging how mind and body naturally interact..

As one with one another.

Because guts unnatural activity simply suppresses the connection with mind..

Then mind goes out of sinc with it’s body..

Because the distress which exists within the gut..

Transports it’s distress through body to mind through gut brain axis..

The mind now struggles to connect then interact through it’s body..

Because gut suppression now damages the heart to how mind interacts..

Which damages how mind communicates with body through it’s human body..

Which inturn disrupts how mind  creates it’s actual precision movement with naturally good coordination..

If we suppress we will eventually damage..

The actual communication system in which is responsible for how the mind maintains it’s control..

With the other end of it’s human body..

The mind systematically now becomes out of touch with it’s human body..

Through it’s body..

This is why the mind will actually drift when it’s connection with gut..

Actually becomes suppressed or damaged..

Which is why dysfunction is actually a huge transparent condition..

The transparency of guts unnatural activity..

Is now responsible for possibly damaging the guts neurological pathways..

From gut through to brain and beyond within our brain mind alliance..

Which is responsible for why the human body now becomes unstable which creates our bodies instability..

Inwhich exists..

Within the damage we unnaturally create within our vascular system..

Reducing unnatural activity can simply help preserve the functional wealth of the human vascular system..

Are guts neurons the weakest link..

Within the human body..

Because healthy gut neurons are responsible for the functional wealth of it’s body..

Gut health also maintains the actual wealth which naturally exists within the actual human spirit..

Do human’s actually take their human spirit for granted is the actual spirit within..

Only as good..

As vascular bodies functional wealth..

Functional wellness can only exist within the human vascular system..

If we learn how we protect the human body..

We indirectly learn how we protect the gut..

by understanding how we can manage our bodies unnatural substance..

We will thank the gut for not contributing to what eventually creates the bodies unnatural activity..

In which is responsible for contributing to what destroys the natural function of the human body..

Alleviating the guts unnatural activity will help take care of guts neurons..

By protecting the human body from unnatural substance we help reduce unnatural pressure in which simply exists..


From within the gut..

Reducing unnatural activity can simply help preserve the functional wealth of the human vascular system..

The wealth of vascular system is strength indepth of the individual in which helps bind..

The human bodies inner bodies communication system..


When hidden friction gets in way mind loses control of it’s human body..

Especially in the moment..

But who is there who understands this enough who can actually detect this..


No one..

So the individual who has the underlying struggle may not get the right support..

We cannot use third party synthetic substitute to now actually alleviate chemical suppression..

Once chemical suppression sets in chemicals will keep creating damage..

In which indirectly suppresses human function..

We have to resolve how the underlying suppression starts to form in the first place..

Because when the gut becomes deficient the mind literally takes all the shit..

more we actually contaminate human body the greater the guts unnatural activity..

When gut neurons are unnaturally damaged neurons within gut..

Now actually become much more sensitive to what actually created the damage..

Guts unnatural activity actually dominates..

Guts neurons..

It’s that simple..

When we apply unnecessary chemicals..

In which simply pressurise our bodies will..

In which indirectly unnaturally suppresses gut..

In which simply then forces gut to actually create unnatural activity of it’s own..

in which simply now aggravates guts neurons to the point of no return..

Gut neurons now actually become ultra sensitive and are quite easily disturbed..

The guts neurons do not directly become ultra sensitive towards the unnatural substance..

What is responsible for the actual damage to the neurons within our gut..

Is our bodies chemical suppression eventually interferes with the gut itself..

In which now indirectly creates why our guts creates unnatural activity…

This is where the transparency catches humanity out..

Because chemicals simply slowly but surely actually put our gut on it’s back foot..

In which is now responsible for actually what applies unnecessary pressure..

Against our guts neurons..

Because the guts unnatural activity simply applies actual pressure..

In which damages the guts neurons..

The greater the bodies human resistance actually is to unnatural substance..

The greater the guts unnatural activity in which now damages gut neurons..

Chemical suppression puts gut on it’s back foot..

In which will now consistently apply unnatural pressure against gut neurons..

Did my human body actually suffer excessive..


When I consumed co proximal pain killer’s..

Did co proximal actually piggy back my existing unnatural gut suppression..

In which possibly could have applied excessive unnatural pressure against my guts actual neurons..

In which is possibly reason why my gut actually started to become degenerative..

more we actually contaminate human body the greater the guts unnatural activity..

In which now aggravates the actual extent of the existing gut damage..

Which unnaturally exists within the guts neurons..

Which eventually create irreversible damage within the gut itself..

Which is actually now aggravated easily by the unnatural substance itself..

In which eventually unnaturally now applies indirect pressure enough..



Create unnatural pressure against gut neurons..

Which disrupts the actual way our human body naturally functions..

When struggling individual’s struggle can we learn to assess The underlying reason to why the struggle..

Should police assess who the actually use tasor guns on if a struggling individual..

Possibly is actually unaware the maybe manages the unnatural activity..

Which occurs within there human body unnaturally..

Are struggling individual’s unknowingly struggling deep down within themselves..

When individual’s struggle with behaviour issue’s..

Is what is responsible for these issue’s..

Actually occurring unnaturally deep within the individual’s neurological self..

Managing unnatural behaviour issue’s could possibly unknowingly ware down the individual through no fault of their own..

Because our human bodies chemical suppression actually creates actual activity in which overtime simply damages guts neurons…

In which indirectly impairs brain mind alliance..

Because unnatural gut activity actually applies direct pressure unknowingly..

Against gut neurons in which alters the individual’s actual behaviour because the individual actually..

Manages the vascular system disruption..

So are struggling individual’s actually fully responsible for their actions and behaviour issue’s..

If the individual isn’t fully in control of themselves do certain individual’s actually get caught up in a far less functional human body..


When struggling individual’s actually struggle can we learn to assess..

If there is an actually a underlying reason to why the struggle..

What applies unnecessary pressure against human function is unnatural activity..

So when we understand how we control the mechanisms beneath the mechanic’s..

To what simply creates the unnatural suppression which simply damages the welfare of our bodies mechanic’s..

For instance if gut neurons actually become provoked this could then pave the way to why neurons..

Within gut..

Actually became irreversibly damaged within the individual as an individual..

The individual is unknowingly now left to manage bodies actual distortion..

In which now exists soulfully within the individual’s human body..

In which soulfully unnaturally exists through no fault of the individual..

If a struggling individual is actually battling the transparency of a hidden condition..

In which is simply already hampering their actual neurological pathways..

Within their neurological system..

Could the impact from the taser gun actually be highly dangerous as the taser gun possibly shocks..

The actual same pathways..

In which is responsible for unknowingly creating the human bodies actual disruption to human function..

What if disruption to human function was responsible for actually disturbing the individual as an individual..

Do we really actually have to apply unnecessary force from taser guns..

If we could learn how we fully understand why behaviour issues develop..

Could we learn how we actually possibly understand how we create strategies..

In which could naturally eradicate the unnatural activity which applied unnecessary disruption to human function..

In which may allow certain individual’s with behaviour issue’s to naturally develop themselves..

As the should..

Could we naturally help individual’s reduce the unnatural activity in which unknowingly creates..

Their bodies unnatural strain..

Which is now responsible for the individual’s underlying unnatural struggle..

Which soulfully exists unknowingly within the vascular system..

In which is unnatural suppression which damages our human bodies inner body..

If we understand the algorithm to how unnatural activity first forms we actually can help the individual..


Because we have the knowledge to actually help struggling individual’s possibly create a far superior functional self..

The relationship we have within ourselves is so important for binding and actually maintaining relationships we have with one another..

Human’s may not fully realise the actual importance..

Of the relationship which exists between gut and brain..

The relationship between the gut and brain..

is responsible..

For what actually creates the amount of pressure..

in which exists within the human body..

Which simply creates hidden tension..

In which soul fully takes place within the individual as an individual..

The relationship we have within ourselves..

Is so important for binding and actually maintaining relationships we have with one another..

Especially loved one’s..

By learning how we alleviate the pressure..

In which indirectly applies the unnatural pressure to guts neurons..

Especially damaged neurons..

We simply in turn will relieve the mind..

The relationship with gut and the brain..

Is simply a communication system in which involves neurons..

The gut brain axis is simply a portal which exists between the gut and our mind..

Mind cannot play ball with the body..

Through gut..

As well a it should

When we unnaturally create unnecessary disruption to human function..

This is because we’ve simply applied unnatural pressure to guts neurons..

In which is enough unnatural pressure..

To damage gut neurons…

The portal between the mind and gut..

Can only work as it should if the gut..

Which is possibly the receiver and actual head set in which is the mind set ..

Have togetherness, work with no interference..

Gut brain axis the portal..

Simply works as it should when the guts neurons and the brain’s neurons..

Can actually interact well with one another..

The relationship we have within oneself..

Is the reflection to how well the gut and the mind..

Play ball with one another..

Neurons in the gut are possibly responsible for the size of minds wave length..

Mind’s creates alert fullness when the mind can communicate well with it’s body

How we interpret the person in which we see..

isn’t necessarily always same person..

In which the person really is deep down..