My disfunctional journey.. a world apart..

A disfunctional journey inwhich i can hounestly say has turned into great pleasure..

I believe ive somehow learned and gained a dossier of great knowledge inwhich my body was so desperately crying out for me to solve, who could believe, that i could somehow help learn myself to resolve my own bodies adversity to my mental strain (pstd) and then somehow learn a strategy to create a method, to help change promote the way my gut can now provide the rest of my body with healthy nutrition..

All i can say is that this journey ive been on to gain this knowledge, has simply been a blessing in disguise and god only knows the true extent of what would have become of me if i didnt enter myself into, what could have been a race against time, against my chronic dis-ease..

I may have somehow learned myself to tune into my bodies negative sufferering and actually help learn myself a strategy enough to figure out a method, inwhich i believe has helped me to reduce any further progression just in the nick of time..

(I figured out my own resolve) and i believe this method is certainly relevant to every single one of us, who may have (mental) or a (physical) chronic condition or (circulatory dis-ease) and this is also relevant for pharmaceutical companies, who for sometime now have surely been (blind) to as to finding cure.. Instead of trying to make bridges and massive amounts of money..

What if we could learn how to intervene and change reduce, control the amount of toxic fuel inwhich enters into our circulatory system..

I believe we may have a solution to help better understand the origin of how (hereditary dis-ease may develop)

We are now having a crisis, an (epidemic)
I believe dis-ease manifests itself slowly but surely from the gut and then to the rest of the body..

i believe prolonged amounts of negative fuel inwhich maybe caused by if or when we have immune system intolerance..

chemical synthetic immune intolerance maybe simple enough to disrupt natural gut function, inwhich i believe symomtamously then causes gut malfunction (paralysis of the gut)..

immune system gut malfunction further disrupts how well the gut can naturally provide a healthy balance of sustainable good quality (nutrients) energy to or around our bodys vital organs..

unnatural food, processed food or drinks simply further disrupts the already existing immune system gut malfunction..

I believe by reducing chemical synthetic overload this can systematically then help improve the way our gut can then provide a sustainable amount of good quality nutrition to or around our circulatory system..

Inwhich i believe will help control or prevent (dis-ease)..


Origins of disease..

The gut can only support the bodies vital organs with good enough nutrition when there is little to no obstruction or interference with natural gut function..

Gut malfunction changes the way the gut can naturally support sustainable nutrients to the mind the body and the soul.

When we have an aggressive immune system intolerance towards chemicals synthetics, believe me there is a lot of obstruction, the obstacles are just hidden away within our bodies, out of sight, the cannot be seen..

The gut may have its own brain mechanism inwhich helps regulate and control natural gut function.. i also believe our second brain helps support immune response..

I believe our immune system response is a reaction from within the gut or (the-second-brain)..

Synthetic chemical immune resistance may directly obstruct or cause tension strain within the second brain.. (nip with negative imotion)

Chemical synthetic immune intolerance may systematically then cause the gut to go into spasm and kinda cause gut paralysis and then gut malfunction, this may also damage or interfere with healthy bacteria (gut flora)..

Gut malfunction can wax and wane, depending on the variation of nasty chemicals synthetics inwhich we use at any one time..

We also need to take stock, take note with, how often we use nasty products..

i believe our immune system response to each nasty chemical or synthetic may last as long as 24 hours from start to finish..

We have three problems here, the gut malfunction inwhich paves the way to how sustainable healthy gut bacteria can thrive (gut microbioter) we then have (poor quality) digestive system inwhich i believe causes toxicity in our digestive tract and also in our bowl and then we have lack of natural absorption of good quality nutrition..

I believe gut malfunction directly causes negative fuel which is distributed around our circulatory system (the guts vital organs) i believe negative fuel that is distributed around our bodies vital organs could directly be responsible for what maybe fuelling hereditary disease (high cholesterol) and a whole host of other (dis-ease) within our circulatory system (especially cell degenerative (dis-ease) and (arthritis)..

Im almost certain that i have slowly chipped away and broke down the code we so desperately need to help (solve prevent) dis-ease..

Natural function maybe within us all we just need to set it free..

Functional individual’s may naturally be able to have sharper more accurate natural brain processing ability and dont have to force themselves to see the bigger picture..

I believe This could be due because of how a functional individual’s frontal lobe may have little to no tension or interference from the gut to the brain axis inwhich automatically allows for superior sensory processing skill..

Brains use sensory tools, eyes, ears, nose and imotional feelings..

But could it be actually down to, how well our gut power’s up the frontal lobe..

Inwhich all these sensory tools are attached..

Inwhich could make the difference between if you have good quality function or to if you have disquality function..
Immune system gut malfunction could make the difference to how sharp these tools can naturally function or to how well these tools can actually relay clear information back within the brain with clarity precision and without obstruction or delay, to allow good composure..

I believe the gut is the digestive system and also the imotional side of who we are but ultimately the gut is the brain behind how our immune system responds, its this immune response that directly causes tension within the gut, inwhich is cause by immune system intolerance inwhich results to a nip with negative imotions..

So in order to allow for natural gut function good composure with natural true imotion and less tension on the frontal lobe and enable our brains to have optimum brain processing ability..

we may need to first and foremost take better care of our immune system and start to take immune system intolerance more seriously..

we could all learn something very special from chemical synthetic intolerance and help reduce chronic disease and hereditary disease and even possibly help allow for better intervention and care so we can all get the right support..

Immune-system-Gut malfunction.

Closing the gap between dysfunctional and functional could be a major player..
I believe this could be possible..
I also believe we in need of change, we need believe and we need a better understanding in order to get the right support, we may need to rally around and unite..
because right now the support we receive at the bottom of the pack is from the major players at the top of the pack and correct me if im wrong, but are these major players at the top, just guessing at whats wrong at the bottom of the pack.. when it comes to dysfunctional disorders, mood disorders or chonic disease..
I believe there has been a total disregard towards the use of chemicals and to the use of synthetics and the consequences to having a total disregard to chemicals synthetics has for sometime now caused an epidemic..
Immune system intolerance may vary from person to person..
I believe we can learn so much from intolerance..This intolerance could be something to nothing or a more serious combination overload and depending on which one you are..
This in time could make the difference between if you are in good health or if you are in need of help..
So what if chemical sythetic immune intolerance was simple enough to shut down your gut and stop your gut from naturally supporting you..
the more intolerant you are to what the major players at the top deam safe.. could be paving the way to a gut malfunction that simply is not sufficient enough over time to support your mind your body and your soul with good enough nutrition..
Gut malfunction could be causing negative fuel that is distributed within our bodies inwhich i believe, may also be fuelling and slowly destroying and dividing families..

Autism spectrum disorder

Prior to my ptsd, i have also been forced to struggle with a life long battle with autism spectrum disorder.. Autism spectrum disorder effects the brains ability to process use sensory skills and comprehend..

Little to no confidence, stress tension, confusion, lack of concentration, low- self -esteem, an inability to focus process and paye good enough attention and also an inability to fit in or to feel comfortable around other’s..

is the fight i have had to contain or cope with, within myself..

individual’s who have autism spectrum disorders cannot see the impact that autism spectrum disorder has on them nor do they see the gap between themselves and how well other individuals without autism spectrum disorder are allowed to be functionally superior with better processing ability and have a better resolve to deal with what life throws at them..

The best available option therapy..

because we dont quite understand the brain good enough to no what the right option is for the best intervention..

If i can learn a strategy and withdraw reverse pstd and then carry the same strategy forward using the same method to tone down and control my autism spectrum disorder almost into remission..

What i have understood speaks for itself

I have broken the code that i so desperately needed to allow my gut to naturally support my mind body and soul..

I believe the gut can mislead us a little alike sciatica a trapped nerve in the back, this trapped nerve can then cause serious debilitating pain in say the leg or buttock..

I believe The gut can cause something very similar in comparison to how the sciatic nerve misleads individuals to feel pain elsewhere..

The gut instead interferes with imotion mood and then symomtamously causes tension within the frontal lobe inwhich directly interferes with perception judgment and then behaviour..

I believe this is Because the gut is wired up and connected within the frontal lobe to give us humans imotion and the gut imotion simply work along side other sensory tools..

The more aggressive your immune system is towards chemicals synthetics the more likely you are as an individual to be carrying a gut bowl malfunction inwhich symomtamously causes tension strain on the frontal lobe inwhich interferes or causes other sensory delays or impairment..

the gut isn’t just our digestive system..

The gut is so much more complex than that..

the gut is the brain the epicentre of how our imune responds..

More needs to be done in order to help better understand debilitating conditions like autism spectrum disorder..

So In order to prevent conditions like this manifesting or changing the course of certain individual’s lives forever, we need to find a better resolve, the root problem..

I believe the strengh inwhich how our immune system responds to intolerance to nasty synthetics chemicals may hold the key to a better resolve..

So we can learn to better understand not only what maybe fuelling autism spectrum disorders but ultimately better understand what causes such a debilitating condition and that certain individual’s may need a alternative method a slightly different approach when using vaccines with added aluminium or zero tolerance use to chemicals synthetics ,especially during the first few years whilst there immune systems are still developing so in order to not only tone down this condition but ultimately prevent autism spectrum disorders happening..

What i find fascinating is that certain individuals before vaccines were introduced could pull through..

So what if the same amount same strengh vaccines were given out across the board and this happened to caused more harm than good to the already stronger than average immune system or that aluminium that is added to vaccines is just simply more damming for some as it is for others ..

If this is the case ,autism could be brain damage in the frontal lobe..

Inwhich could be caused by a heightened immune system..

The gut to the brain axis may send irreversible shock waves to the frontal lobe and cause autism spectrum disorder..

The already stronger than average immune system maybe should use a alternative to aluminium or should have had a little less amount or a less in strengh vaccine..

Modern-day intervention could be making the strong weak and the weak strong..

We may need to find a better resolve..

From-ptsd-to-something stressless-well-being

Hello there..
I would like to share the tools inwhich i now use to combat my mental health..
My mental health can wax and wane due to the complexity of a condition inwhich exists within what we more commonly no as our immune system..
I now believe I have actually learned myself to better understand the knowledge i need in order to control my mood and behaviour condition rather than my mood behaviour condition controlling me..
once over my mood and behaviour problems were so overwhelming and more in controll of me and the negative tone that was thrashing throughout my body almost caused me to feel as though the world fell away from me..
I now believe i have learned myself to better understand away around a condition inwhich once forced me to cope with more negative emotions rather than true emotions..
This may sound or look a little crazy to some..
Because of the modern world inwhich we live in today..
But bare this in mind..
Chemicals and synthetics are used far far to much to often in the modern world..
I now believe that what could be fuelling our negative emotions could be as simple as to how well equipped our immune systems can actually tolerate certain nasty synthetics and chemicals..
On a day to day basis year in year out..
Chemical synthetic variation overload is far more dangerous or damming for some as the are for others and could be responsible for poor mood and to why our negative imotions already exist..
I believe that the strengh inwhich our immune system responds and the amount you are intolerant to certain chemicals synthetics..
Is what in the end is responsible
Or is to blame for what paves the way to how vulnerable you feel from within yourself as an individual..
Like i said this may look or sound a little crazy..
But lets imagine the less intolerance you are to chemicals synthetics on a day to day basis..
The better your gut can then support your mind your body and your soul..
The one thing that can get in the way to how well your gut supports you is your immune system..
If you have a Chemical synthetic intolerance you are simply more likely to be carrying a synthetic chemical disease..
So how do you overcome a synthetic chemical disease..
Simply reduce your synthetic chemical overload at the start of your day for 12 hours maybe 24 hours..
So that to give your gut good enough time to replenish you from within you.. by reducing synthetic chemical disease you also reduced progressive symptoms like stress tension anxiety and behaviour issue’s the start to faid..
You feel the real you coming through again..
Maintain Dont reintroduced any chemicals synthetics because you are carrying a synthetic chemical disease that can be easily triggered..
The key three things i do is..
I brush my teeth with salt mouthwash inwhich i make myself by adding salt to water..
Fluoride is a by product of aluminium and amongst other nasty chemicals my mental health is worth more to me than bright white teeth..
I use one shower gel inwhich i wash all my body inc hair inwhich i buy from (Lidl) i only use the lime..
I dont use deodorants again deodorants contain aluminium..
You can use salt base natural stick..
I also use sun sweet prune juice inwhich helps relieve nasty trapped gasses and also helps relieve toxic build up..
Please try this for yourself for a week..
A no you will be limited from using your usual products..
But ultimately this is all for the good of you and will help you eliminate nastys synthetic chemicals inwhich could be getting in the way to how well you live through and experience your lifes events..
Please reduce sugar..
Dont drink fizzy or artificial juice drinks stick to fresh orange etc milk water..
Most Cereals contain gluten wheat so best cut these out..
Cut out already boxed meals processed..
Try to eat fresh meat fresh veg Rather than tinned…
Only use helmans or Heinz mayo or sauce these are a little more natural..
Coffee i use red kenco not the blue as blue doesn’t agree with me..
Home made food is the way forward..
I try not to eat to much bread but i try to use fresh buns over sliced bread..
Sliced bread has even got mould repellent in it these days (madness)

Dysfunctional disorders start in the gut..

I believe our brain is connectected to the gut through the spinal cord and that
the gut may well be the tale end of the brain..
I believe the gut is responsible for as to how we feel imotion and to how imotion exists..
The gut is responsible for how well we regulate ourselves emotionally throughout our life events..
I also believe that our gut is connected through the spinal cord to the frontal lobe of our brain..
In the same way inwhich our eye’s our ears and our nose are connected to the frontal lobe..
The gut and brain axis is one..
I believe imotions exist within the gut.. our gut our eyes ours ears our nose may well be all connected up within the brain at the frontal lobe as one to complete our sensory processing..
Besides imotion i believe the gut is also the mechanism behind as to how our immune system responds..
I believe synthetic chemicals immune resistance strengh varies from person to person..
I believe that our imune system can disrupt normal gut function long enough to simply get in the way or directly interfere with the emotional side of how well certain individuals can therefore regulate true imotion..
The immune system is a reaction from within the gut towards what the human body does not deam safe..
I believe Synthetic chemical variation overload can disrupt or change how well the gut can naturally function..
I honestly believe that certain individuals like myself..
Who cannot tolerate chemicals synthetics..
Can end up with what i believe to be a synthetic illness within the gut..
I believe this synthetic illness doesn’t just disrupt how well the gut supports the body..
I believe synthetic immune strain in the gut can directly cause or leave behind strain on the frontal lobe ..
Inwhich can then directly cause us to cope with and feel stress..
Inwhich already exists within..
Inwhich simply gets in the way to how well a mood disorder sufferer deal’s with his or her life’s events..

Chronic pain.. Chronic disease..

individual’s who may choose to consume cannabis or cbd for chronic pain fatigue or mental strain..
Maybe unknowingly getting a counter gain..
What i mean by counter gain is that cbd helps relieve or soothe chronic illness..
It is not a cure..
Our first line of defence is our immune system and the brain behind the immune system is from within the gut..
Cbd.. seams to ease tension from within our second brain..
Inwhich allows our second brain to take better control over as to how well the gut can control and support our natural gut function..
So that to give us the right nutrition to support our mind body and our soul’s..
I believe there is a much bigger picture that we all need to learn and better understand..
Because the strengh inwhich how our immune system tolerates nasty synthetics or chemicals is the real blame for how unwell our second brain has become..
I believe synthetic disease is to blame or is responsible for what directly leaves behind negativity or pain rather than optimism or goodwill..

A world apart

I believe i may have better understood a way around as to why certain individuals like myself may have to struggle to cope through life..
i have better understood that our imune system cannot cope with synthetic and chemical resistance..
Or that synthetic or chemical variation overload is more dangerous for some individuals as it is for other individuals..
The strengh inwhich our immune system responds to nastys or to the strengh to what our immune system does not deam safe..
may hold the main key to how we can learn to control and tone down our overwhelming negative emotions..
The tone the amount of negative emotions that already exists within you..
is what paves the way to a fight against how well you control yourself within yourself..
negative emotions simply get in the way.. the take over your life..
It takes far to much effort to try to fit in with negative emotions..
Because Negative emotions simply aren’t natural..
negative emotions are far to powerful and overwhelming to cope with on a day ro day basis..
our negative emotion is responsible for how well we can comfortably connect with the outside world around us..
I believe a hidden underlying imune system condition is formed within the gut..
A cute hidden condition inwhich simply gets in the way to how well your gut supports your mind your body and your soul..
I believe that when our immune system is suffering from nastys..
what seams to be happening here is, is that our immune system directly interferes with the gut..
I believe High immune resistance to nastys..
seams to directly course the gut to produce aggressive acid..
I believe aggressive acid within the gut on a day-to-day basis.. month in month out.. year in year out..
Doesn’t just change how well the food we eat is broken down..
Aggressive acid can also make processed food and drinks potentially more dangerous..
Because the gut can then produce nasty trapped gasses inwhich i believe can then weep into our bodys..
i therefore also believe the immune system is more than likely responsible for the damage caused to our gut microbioter..
Because the immune system gut.. bowl malfunction simply makes a poor environment for good gut bacteria..
The impact certain Chemicals and synthetics have on individuals needs to be better understood because one size does not fit all..
There is always a heart to a response and the heart to our immune system’s response is within our gut..
Our gut health is responsible for our well-being..
Our gut health is essential so that we can maintain a comfortable good satisfactory life..
unfortunately we cannot see our immune system clear enough to see and better understand that synthetic immune resistance can disrupt how well the gut supports the mind our body and our soul..

I real want to change struggling individuals lives and with the right understanding and the right strategy in reducing synthetic resistance..
Im sure we could create the right therapy to lift and take away those lows inwhich you are unable to rise from and maybe i can help you get the support that i never had..



Hello there
I have suffered from suicidal thoughts stress depression and anxiety most of my life and also from the age of 20 suffered from ptsd.
My father is a sufferer of manic depression so my problems the traits that were very similar to my dads were always dismissed, i have never taken medication for any of the above, i hung in there and im still here to tell you that the gut supports the mind the body and the soul, the one thing that can get in the way to how well the gut can support the mind the body and soul, is how aggressive your imune system is towards the environment we live in and most of all synthetic imune resistance, i believe the environment we live in is not that great a threat as it once was, i think synthetic resistance may have for some time now overtaken, but is poorly misunderstood.
I believe that most if not all mood disorders may start in the gut.
I believe This is because the strengh inwhich the imune system reacts directly disrupts and changes how well the gut can support the mind the body and soul, before we eat i think the imune system whilst under resistance trys to generate from within the gut what the imune system thinks it needs to cope with the synthetic resistance in hand inwhich causes gut malfunction and leaves the gut simply poorly supporting the mind the body and soul.
The gut malfunction causes a negative feed throughout the body and with the natural fight or flight this simply forces the mind body and soul to be induced shocked.
I recovered from my ptsd by accident after 4 years of torture, i had constipation and bort some sun sweet prune juice inwhich i believe saved my life and allowed me to go on with this journey to unravel this mistory.
I have studied myself for 15 years whilst using prune juice and ive learned my imune system is simply very aggressive and that the less my aggressive amune system has to cope with nasty sythetics the better my gut can provide my mind, body and my soul with the right nutrition my gut needs to be in good health.
My brain was simply shocked (ptsd) whilst i had a traumatic experience at the age of 20 years old and what was propping my ptsd up for so long was that negative feed caused by high resistance inwhich shut my gut off from supplying the right nutrients to support my brain.
Little did i no that by reducing certain synthetic resistance that caused by such as toothpaste, shower gels, shampoos and deodorants this would pave the way and would allow my brain to start to recover by learning to reduce my imune resistance i also learned myself to change and control the hidden tension that only existed in me and not caused by the outside world
I also think the same method i use to reduce my shocked brain (ptsd)
Could help in reducing multiple sclerosis m.e and arthritis and also motor neuron disease
I believe this because autoimmune messes with how healthy the gut is before the gut even starts to support the brain the body and the soul.
With autoimmune the gut simply has no alternative than to provide a negative feed.
I think gut malfunction can go unoticed and if this is so, the gut can negatively provide a bad feed long enough to cause chronic shock within the body enough to cause chronic disease.

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